Revision and restructuring

I’m finally going back to revise and re-record my older videos. Not only should this greatly improve the sound quality, it also gives me a chance to correct errors and make the narration clearer. It also allows me to rethink the structure of the whole series. Currently, the videos are all ordered in a linear sequence, such that viewers are expected to view them in a specific order. In the revision, I’m rethinking this order and sorting the units into tracks:

Track A (intro to coding):

  • a simple programming language
  • Javascript
  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript in the browser
  • 2D graphics (with the HTML canvas)
  • object-oriented programming
  • Python
  • code practices

Track B (fundamentals):

  • bits and bytes
  • numbers as bits
  • text as bits
  • hardware basics
  • operating system basics
  • programming languages

Track C:

  • Python collections
  • databases
  • the Internet
  • server-side web programming

Track D:

  • the C language
  • data structures
  • searching and sorting algorithms
  • Unix system calls
  • terminals and shells

Track E (misc.):

  • the Java language
  • cryptography basics
  • version control with Mercurial

The tracks should be viewed in alphabetical order, except tracks A and B can be viewed in either order (or in tandem), and C and D can be viewed in either order (or in tandem).¬†Within each track, the videos should be viewed in order (except for track E, where the viewing order doesn’t matter).

I just recently posted the revision of the first unit, “A Simple Programming Language” (formerly “A First Programming Language”). Next will be “Javascript” and “Programming Languages”, and from there I’ll probably take them in the order listed above.

Even though I’m working from earlier work, it’s surprisingly time consuming. I’m effectively writing all new narration for each video and edited many of the slides. On top of this, my audio editing process is even more tedious than before, but I think the better quality narration is worth the time.

Revising the whole series will take at least the rest of the year. In the meantime, I’m also working on the game programming series, including the next installment, which covers texture mapping.

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